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Cognitive Foundry 3.3.2 Released

November 7th, 2011 Comments off

Version 3.3.2 of the Cognitive Foundry is now available for download.


Release 3.3.2 (2011-11-07):
  * Common Core:
    * Added checkedAdd and checkedMultiply functions to MathUtil, providing a
      means for conducting Integer addition and multiplication with explicit
      checking for overflow and underflow, and throwing an ArithmeticException
      if they occur.  Java fails silently in integer over(under)flow situations.
    * Added explicit integer overflow checks to DenseMatrix.  The underlying MTJ
      library stores dense matrices as a single dimensional arrays of integers,
      which in Java are 32-bit.  When creating a matrix with numRows rows and
      numColumns columns, if numRows * numColumns is more than 2^31 - 1, a
      silent integer overflow would occur, resulting in later
      ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsExceptions when attempting to access matrix elements
      that didn't get allocated.
    * Added new methods to DiagonalMatrix interface for multiplying diagonal
      matrices together and for inverting a DiagonalMatrix.
    * Optimized operations on diagonal matrices in DiagonalMatrixMTJ.
    * Added checks to norm method in AbstractVectorSpace and DefaultInfiniteVector
      for power set to NaN, throwing an ArithmeticException if encountered.
  * Learning Core:
    * Optimized matrix multiplies in LogisticRegression to avoid creating dense
      matrices unnecessarily and to reduce computation time using improved
      DiagonalMatrix interfaces.
    * Added regularization and explicit bias estimation to
    * Added ConvexReceiverOperatingCharacteristic, which computes the convex
      hull of the ROC.
    * Fixed rare corner-case bug in ReceiverOperatingCharacteristic and added
      optional trapezoidal AUC computation.
    * Cleaned up constant in MultivariateCumulativeDistributionFunction and
      added publication references.
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